Sunday, August 29, 2010

Soccer Party #2

I just did my second soccer themed order. This time I decorated 72, yes- that's 6 dozen- cupcakes!!! I decorated about 4 dozen of them to look like grass and then the rest of them to look like soccer balls so they could be arranged like balls sitting in a field of grass.

This birthday party was for Caden, a neighbor boy turning 9. So I made him his own personal soccer ball cake. He looked pretty excited when he saw it and that made me super happy! :)

That was a lot of cupcakes!

I've got at least 4 tentative cakes for September and I'm so excited! Especially since they're all going to be so different. The cakes might include a bike theme, Dora, and a tractor cake. I can't wait to start designing them!

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  1. Patrice that is awesome! They look amazing! I'm getting so excited for Lily's party! hehe