Saturday, February 12, 2011

Minnie Mouse

Here's a Minnie Mouse cake I just made.

I made a 2-layer 8" round for the family and a 1-layer 6"round replica for the cute little 1-year-old to smash up.

And everything is edible!  The pink is buttercream frosting, the polka dots and bows are marshmallow fondant and the big, shiny ears (which I have to admit were Brady's GENIOUS idea) are homemade suckers!


  1. No way! I was just going to call you this week to have you do a minnie cake for Bella's birthday! And that's so dang CUTE! I was just going to have you do red with white polka dots and then I'd stick something on it, but the ears are SO cute! They turned out so good! We're doing more red/white than pink/white, but other than that, it's way better than I pictured in my mind! ;) I'll still call you...

  2. That is so cute! Love the sucker ears. I would've never thought of that!