Friday, March 4, 2011

Red Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse sure is popular!  My college roomie, Nat, saw the picture of the pink Minnie Mouse cake and knew that's what she just had to have for her 2-year-old's birthday... but in red.  I added the ribbon because it made it seem so "Nat".

It took about half the time making this cake than the first version of it.  It's nice knowing exactly what I'm doing instead of trial and error.  (example: the first cake took me about 6 tries to make the bow for the top of the cake... but this time I made a cute bow the first time around!  I was so proud of myself.)

Just thought I'd add this, too... My kids think they can get away with anything when I'm working on a cake.  Yep- that's over 100 cookie cutters they threw down the stairs....

1 comment:

  1. Wow it turned out so cute! And you're right, the ribbon was so Nat :) I really wish I lived closer to you :( I would have loved to have Lucy's cake done by you!