Friday, February 3, 2012

Angry Birds Cakes

My little buddy, Ethan, is turning 5 and LOVES Angry Birds. 

I made him 3 single layer cakes, two 6" and an 8". Two of the cakes are chocolate and the other is vanilla, all covered with delicious vanilla buttercream frosting. The decorations are all made with modeling chocolate.

After I made the big birds and pig, I realized I made too much modeling chocolate. So I decided we should make some tiny, bite size characters. I made Brady help me. I made the ugly ones (the ugly red and 2 black birds) and he had WAY too much fun making the rest. I'm pretty sure his favorites are the pig with the hard hat and the one with the mustache... both turned out awesome!

Click on the picture to see the zoomed version!


  1. Good work both of you. Quique wants one for his birthday in November ;)

  2. Those turned out way cute, Patrice! I love the little ones as well. Isn't modeling chocolate the best?! :)