Monday, August 16, 2010

Soccer Cake

Seth is turning 4 and loves soccer. So I made him a soccer ball cake on a field of grass.
Today was my first time making grass. It turned out to be super easy... but really time consuming!

I baked the ball in a Pyrex bowl to make it round. I turned the temp down to 325 and checked it every 5-10 minutes to make sure it didn't burn. I was worried that it might not come out of the bowl very well, but I greased and floured it and it came out perfect!

I'm super excited to see Seth's face when he see's his cake at his birthday party tomorrow!
Happy 4th Birthday, Seth!!!


  1. Love all your cakes, didn't even know you made them. They're great, thanks for posting. Have you ever followed ?? I LOVEEEEE IT!!!

  2. This is an awesome cake! Good job Patrice. I would have never thought to bake in a bowl. Turned out super cute:)

  3. Wow, Patrice! I just checked out all your cakes and had no idea you were such a talented cake maker! Awesome!