Friday, August 13, 2010

Ladybug Party

I decided it was about time to start my cake blog. I'm a little rusty on my cake decorating skills since I haven't made anything in a while. It was so fun to get to decorate again! This week's cake was for cute little Ella's first birthday. The theme was ladybugs everything. So I did just that.

I made 3 dozen cute little ladybug cupcakes made out of red velvet cake with chocolate chips mixed in. I used white chocolate chips upside down for the eyes and piped a little black dot in the center. Then I used chocolate chips for the ladybug's dots. That made it super easy! It was a little crazy having all those ladybugs sitting on my counter staring at me the whole time. I will admit, I did find the idea online, but they still turned out super cute!

Then I made Ella a 6" round smash cake. This one I designed all on my own. My main idea was to have the big ladybug's trail spell out her name. Then I added all the little ladybugs on the leaves. Some of them were only 1/8" big. I've never done anything so tiny and intricate.

All and all I think the cake and cupcakes turned out cute. I know they are FAR from perfect, but I had tons of fun making them.
Happy 1st Birthday, Ella!


  1. Adorable cake. I love the way you did the name. Cute ladybug cupcakes too. You are so creative!

  2. You did such a great job for Tiffany and Ella..and they tasted SO good! Come say hi :D

  3. They turned out cuter than I imaged and sound quite tasty too. Good job.

  4. Beautiful cake and cupcakes! Love all your creations!!!