Friday, September 24, 2010

Dora Cake Redemption

I feel like I finally have redeemed myself from the Dora cake disaster last year. Ayda wanted a Dora cake for her birthday. I didn't try. And it was a disaster.
I am absolutely embarassed to post this. It was HIDEOUS!!!!

Here is my redemption!!!!
It looks a little more like Dora than the last one.
My fondant was a little dry so it all cracked a little. I'm struggling finding the right consistency....
But I was super excited to try out my new stamps I got for the fondant!
Rubber scrapbooking stamps.... Why didn't I think of that before!?

I think all the colorful fondant beads gave it that little "Dora" touch.

Happy 2nd birthday, Lily!!!


  1. Thanks again Patrice WE LOVE IT! Yeah I think this one turned out a little better this year! :)

  2. the first one looks like Oprah.
    however, the second one more then makes up for it! AMAZING!! i wish i could hire you out for my 5 year olds party tomorrow!

  3. Ha ha! You are funny. It turned out cute. I had the same cracking problem when I made fondant. Someone told me it's the elevation here. Who really knows though!

  4. You just get better and better! Good job!