Monday, September 6, 2010

Caleb's Boot Scoot Bike Cake

My neighbor, Caleb, is turning 3 tomorrow. So I made his cake just like one of his favorite things in the world- his boot scoot bike! (For those of you who don't know what one is, it's like a mini bike with out pedals or training wheels.) Caleb is AMAZING at riding his bike.

I put a fork under the cake just so you could see how big it turned out!
I did all the tires, handle bars, and seat in marshmallow fondant and the rest was buttercream.

It was fun adding the details, like treads on the tires and grips on the handle bars. I even had fun making tiny little bolts!

Today was definitely a bad cake day for me.... so many things went wrong. Like the cake stuck to my pans (even after greasing and flouring), so I had to make another batch. Then I had to move some of the pieces of cake before I decorated it and totally forgot how they went back on.... About halfway through I thought this cake might have been just a little big for my novice undertaking. I think this was one of my most frustrating cake days yet. But, it turned out looking pretty good and I feel good just knowing that kids don't care if their cake doesn't look perfect! :)

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  1. Oh my gosh you have been busy. I can't believe you decorated 72 cupcakes! That is crazy. Everything you made turned out really cute. Oh and that chocolate cake looks so yummy! I saw a recipe for ganache that I want to try out sometime, I just need an excuse to make it without ending up with an entire cake to eat! Just thinking about it is making me hungry and it's 12:30 at night, I should just go to bed, if only McKinley would first!