Friday, November 11, 2011

Hello Kitty Cake

Miss Ayda told me she wanted a Hello Kitty cake and I was overjoyed! Hello Kitty is SO simple!

Of course, it could have turned out better. But, I thought, instead of making black frosting, I'll just do the outlines in melted chocolate. And it worked pretty well, but the eyes are a little off. Oh well, she's turning 5. She won't even notice.

Then I had some extra melted chocolate left in my piping bag and thought I'd just play around and write things and do designs onto my wax paper. Her name turned out somewhat cute so I thought I'd try transferring them to the cake. Then I added the squiggles... I probably shouldn't have, but too late now.

That's what I like about making a cake for my family... I can try new things and if it doesn't turn out well, who cares?! :) I also tried something new with the frosting... I did the crumb coat layer in pink and the 2nd thin layer in purple. It might just turn out to be a flop. I won't find out until tomorrow... Either way, she's going to like it. And I'm done making the cake before midnight. That's always a plus!

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